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Front Step Photo kicks off the Grad year.

by Emma Higdon - Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A few weeks ago, we kicked off a new school year by not only welcoming a new group of grade 9 student but by welcoming the class of 2018! The first look at this year's graduate was during the annual front step photo. This is a picture that is taken of the entire grad class on the main stairs and then placed in the yearbook. A similar photo happens when students are in grade 9, which allows us to see the changes in the students over the years.

My fellow graduates, I look forward to a great year. Best of luck to the class of 2018 as we all spend the last months of high school trying to figure out what to do with the rest of our lives!

Chinese Visiting Students Looking for Host Families

by Ms. Lutz - Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Interested in hosting a Chinese Student in your home for one week in February? SJHS is looking to place 8 to 10 visiting Chinese students from 3 to 10 February 2018. This is a great opportunity to experience an interesting culture!

Pick up an information booklet from the table in front of the office, and hand in an application to Ms. Lutz by November 3, 2017.

Club Hope cleans up Neighbour

by Rachael Manning - Thursday, October 12, 2017

On the crisp Saturday morning of September the 30th, Club HOPE gathered for a group cleanup all around the Saint John High School neighbourhood. From 9:00 to around 10:30 the students--armed with garbage bags, gloves, and a single box of doughnuts--split up and scoured the streets encompassing the school, picking up garbage and a variety of discarded objects as they went.

After a successful round of collecting, everyone returned to the meeting area with their garbage bags now filled up with gloriously contained trash, and placed their findings among the newly-formed mound of garbage. With chilled fingers and a strong sense of accomplishment, the members of Club HOPE disposed of the debris and returned home, stomachs filled with success and doughnuts.

Maureen Desmond photo/SJHS

SJHS attends Unveiling of the Turner Brewer Memorial Garden

by Siyum Mohiuddin - Wednesday, October 4, 2017

SJHS was proud to be part of the unveiling of the Turner Brewer Memorial Garden at Rainbow Park. Our student council executives, Principal Lori Wall, and Vice Principals Sherry Golding and Maureen Desmond, attended a memorial at the park alongside many Saint John community members. A section of Rainbow Park has now been dedicated to Jacqueline Brewer and John Turner, both young children who died of severe neglect. The memorial, unveiled on September 22, 2017, remembers the two and the many other children who are suffering in silence. The Saint John community had come together to highlight on the problems numerous children face in New Brunswick, and how everyone must take initiative to guarantee they live a healthy life.

Our executives and staff represented the care SJHS has for all students, and how we must reach out to anyone experiencing hardship. Stephen Horsman, the province's deputy premier and Minister of Families and Children, strongly signified on how they need to constantly improve to make sure all children are treated safely. Both Turner and Brewer died in 1996, however the memory of them is still strongly present, and the memorial ensures everyone is reminded of the tragedy and that we strive for the future of all children.

Jayatee Ray photo/SJHS

SJHS Awarded $500 By Weed Man

by Jayatee Ray - Monday, September 25, 2017

Saint John High School is known for its compassion and involvement within the community. It is with this involvement that our school was recognized by 'Weed Man' and was awarded $500 for their "Weed Man Cares" contest for helping to make and maintain Pte David Greenslade Memorial Peace Park. The park - named in honor of David Greenslade, a 2004 graduate and Canadian soldier - was created by the school and community members as a way to remember David and the five other soldiers that passed with him. The gate you see when walking into the park was made by our own talented students as a project for their welding class. The plants, sod, and flowers were also placed by students and helping community members. It was a project that the school took on in 2013, and now is a project that the Student Representative Council takes on every year to upkeep and maintain.

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Frances Butler photo/SJHS

A Tale of Two Cruise Ships: AP English Students Interview Passengers

by Ms. Frances Butler - Sunday, September 24, 2017

Wednesday, September 13th was a banner day for cruise ship passengers and Ms. Butler's AP121 English students took full advantage of the last twenty minutes of class to discover what our visitors know about literature. Their task was to ask visitors about their favorite books, and needless to say, the answers varied as much as the countries from which they originated!

Sammey, Emma, and Allie interviewed three visitors who enjoyed Now You See Her, Harry Potter, and Last Lecture. The reasons were: "I like mysteries", "I don't know", and "it has a good storyline".

Mark, Luhumba, and Jesse spoke to a woman from Germany who loved Nicholas Sparks' Two by Two for its romance, and Gavin and Jolin spoke with a man who enjoys non-fiction, so his choice was Chemical Pathway. Another German visitor enjoyed In Times of Fading Light (translated from German), which was made into a movie. Other novels included Game of Thrones: A Dance with the Dragons, Huckleberry Finn, and Dracula, to name a few.

The students found the exercise made them step outside their comfort zone, and they were surprised by some of the 'quotable quotes' they received, such as: "I haven't read a book in twelve years", "No, no, too much feeling! I have to find my wife!", "Do you speak German?", "No books! No books!", and "No, no, we don't talk to girls like you"!!

As Nick and Owen pointed out, "Not everyone reads books like we do in High School". J

Web Image/SJHS

New Half Day Schedule

by Webstaff - Monday, September 18, 2017

ASD-S has announced a new format for Professional Learning for teachers this year. On 6 occassions this year, students will only have school for half a day. (please see Calendar for dates). In the afternoon, teachers will have Professional Development and Learning.

At SJHS, our adjusted school day is as follows:

A block - 8:55 - 9:30, 5 minute break B Block 9:35 - 10:10 10 minute break C Block 10:20 - 10:55 5 minute break D Block 11:00 - 11:35 5 min break E Block 11:40 - 12:15

Yellow buses for students will arrive at the school at approximately 12:30. It is important that students be in the bus area at 12:20, in order to ensure that they do not miss the bus.

SJHS's Red and Grey yearbook is on sale

by Ms MacMillan - Wednesday, September 13, 2017

SJHS's Red and Grey yearbook is on sale now with an Early Bird Special of free personalization with purchase until November 3, 2017.

Order forms are being distributed through homerooms so if you didn't get yours yet, please see your homeroom teacher.

Yearbooks can be purchased by seeing Ms. MacMillan in the Library or purchased online by copying and pasting the following link into your web browser: https://ybstore.friesens.com/stores/328586

Web Image/SJHS

Meet the Teacher Night

by Webstaff - Monday, September 11, 2017

This Thursday, September 14th, Saint John High School will be hosting their annual "Meet the Teacher Night". The evening will begin in the Auditorium where our Principal, Ms. Wall will bring greetings and introduce the evening events.

Parents of grade 9 students are invited to come for 5:30 and meet with the Guidance Counsellors who will provide helpful hints and suggestions for their child as they enter high school for the first time. This meeting will be held in the auditorium as well.

We hope to see you all!!

File Photo photo/SJHS

Welcome Back!!

by Webstaff - Thursday, August 31, 2017

Welcome Back!! We are so pleased to welcome our newest grade 9 class, the graduating class of 2021. It is always an exciting time for the 9s, as they begin their high school career.

The SRC has lots of great things planned for the grade 9s who will be coming to school on Tuesday. All students are asked to report to the Dennis Knibb Auditorium when they arrive and from there, the activities begin: Students will be assigned their homerooms, meet their homeroom teachers, have a run through of their classes, pizza at lunch, sign the graduate banner, tour the school, meet back at the end of the day to greet their friends, listen to closing remarks and then home for the day.

It is going to be a wonderful time and we hope that all will enjoy their day.

The festivities begin at 9 am sharp!!! See you then.

P.S. - for those in grades 10, 11 and 12, we'll see you Wednesday, in your homeroom at 8:55 am.

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