Crest Clipart & Guidelines

You can use any of the crest images on this page for any appropriate school usage. The images are presented in the highest possible quality to allowing you to easily copy and paste the images to another program without distortion.

Official Crest Guidelines

  • 'Worthwhile' appears as one word, not two. Although it may have been desired to have it as two words, this may have been too difficult to achieve back in 1932. While it is now possible to display it as two words with newer technology, the school has opted to preserve the original presentation of the word.
  • The word 'Worthwhile' appears somewhat smaller in font size than the rest of the words, however this is the only only difference between this word and the others.
  • The colours are red, grey and black.
  • All of the words appear in upper case.
  • Four lines appear separating the words in the grey area.
  • The light areas of the crest are always displayed in grey, not white. To save on printing costs in previous years, the school has generally opted to use white in place of grey. However, this has changed in recent years with the internet and cheaper printing costs.

Vector Format for Print

Courtesy of Mr. David Williams, we also have a vector version of the crest available that can easily be enlarged for print without a loss of quality.

Clipart (GIF Format)

Click a crest below to enlarge it.