Ada McKim

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Position: Teacher/Librarian
Subjects: World Issues, Canadian Law, Social Studies
First Year Teaching: 2002
Category: Sabbatical

I have a Bachelor of Arts (History major, minors in English and Political Science) from UNBSJ, a B.Ed from UNBF, and am halfway through a Masters degree with a focus on administration. I graduated from Saint John High School in 1996 and truly consider it to be my home.

What I like most about Saint John High:
Our teachers share their resources, work LONG after the final bell has rung, and are smiling a great deal of the time. Our students, in general, are trustworthy, entertaining, and constantly preventing the words 'bored' or 'repetitive' from entering my work life.

Hobbies and Interests outside of school:
I'm a reading, weight-lifting, fetch playing, news junkie that enjoys video games, LOST, the New England Patriots, big screen movies, and most of all... looking after my daughter... Jazmine Ann McKim.

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