International Baccalaureate Program

I.B. Frequently Asked Questions

What subjects would I have if I decide to take IB?
The IB curriculum consists of six subject groups:

  • Language A (First Language, English) including the study of selections from World Literature
  • Language B - Second modern language
  • Individuals and Societies - History
  • Experimental Sciences - Biology, Chemistry, Physics. One science must be done, although many students do 2, or even all 3.
  • Mathematics
  • Art and Electives - Music, Art, or another Science

Do I have to take all of my subjects at the IB level?
No. Students who take a full program of IB courses in grades 11 and 12 are "Diploma" students. Students who take one or more IB courses in these grades are "Certificate" students.

When do I start the IB program?
Pre-IB classes begin in grade 10. The IB program at Saint John High begins with a Pre-IB year in which students take a full range of IB courses. Some students may choose to do only part of this program. These courses, taken in the second half of grade 10, would be: Pre-IB English/History 111, or Histoire F.I., Math 111 IB, Pre-IB Chem 111 or Biology 111 IB, Pre-IB Physics 111, or Biology 111 IB or an additional option such as Music.

Can I take my french immersion cerificate and my IB diploma at the same time?
Yes. In grade 11, students would take F.I. Language Arts 110 and F.I. History 110. In the second semester of Grade 11, they joined the IB History HL class. In grade 12, students would take F.I. Language Arts 120.

How do I get into Saint John High if I do not live in the zone?
All transfer requests into Saint John High School's IB programme are contingent upon space availability. Students who meet all conditions of acceptance noted below must complete the transfer request paperwork by 15 April for assured entry the following September. Conditions of acceptance of transfer requests into Saint John High School's IB programme are as follows:

  • Time-stamp of completed paperwork.  Requests submitted prior to 15 April with all other conditions in place are guaranteed admittance.  Requests that come after the 15 April deadline will still be considered but may be placed on a waiting list until in-school registration is completed to determine space availability.
  • Zoning.  Students within the Saint John Ed. Centre who meet all other eligibility requirements are given preference.
  • Academic eligibility.  Students must be achieving a grade 9 average of at least 80%.  If all other qualifications are equal, preference will be given to students with the highest averages.

How do I get into Saint John High School if I live in Hampton Ed Centre?
The IB Program is a Superintendency program open to all students in both Saint John and Hampton Ed Centres. Students seeking to change school districts must seek the approval of the Superintendent of their district and then apply at the Saint John Ed Centre (658-3019).

What are the advantages of taking harder work such as IB?
In sports, it is OK to be the best you can be, to attempt the most difficult feats, and always strive to improve. Why should we not always strive to set high goals academically and attempt to achieve a world standard of excellence? Difficult courses demand more work. Consequently you have to learn better work habits and learn to manage your time more efficiently. Good work habits, the setting of high goals and a high level of academic achievement will serve any student well who wishes to achieve global standards of excellence. IB students frequently tell us that the skills of critical and analytical thinking, of research and writing and of disciplined study make their transition from school to university much easier. The breadth of the IB program leads many to a wider range of options at university. They all tell us that "the IB gave me the confidence of knowing that I can handle anything".

Why should I go to Saint John High School when my friends are going to another school?
Frequently, the issue of friends is more important to a student in grade 8 than an issue of the quality of education. For students concerned about this, they should ask themselves "Are the friends I have now likely to be the friends I have in grade 12 or in university?" The answer, if you ask students currently in the school, is "no". Our friends change as our interests change. Students in the IB program frequently become friends with other students with whom they work. Our experience has led us to observe that frequently the type of student who comes into the IB program who is very independent minded and used to setting goals for his or herself.

Will I have a social life if I take IB?
Many students fear that they will do nothing but study if they take harder courses in High School. From our experience with the IB Program, Advanced Placement and Enriched Courses, the best predicitor for success at University is the degree of difficulty of the courses a student has had at High School. IB students do it all, from sports to drama, from Yearbook to Student Council. "If you want to get a job done, ask a busy person!".