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Submitted Photo photo/SJHS

Grade 9 Student exceed provincial average at Math Competition

by Mr Graham - Monday, May 23, 2016

This year's Math 9 team was made up of 10 students from the English and French programs. The students had to qualify for a spot on the team by having an in-house competition.

The contest is a non-calculator, 1 hour in length multiple choice exam written across the province of NB at 4 locations. Mistakes are deducted from the overall score by 25% of an increasing value from part A, B or C. This year saw a total of 1200 students write from grades 7-9.

Our District had the #1 finisher for grade 9, a RNS student and SJHS was fortunate to have the 2nd place and 3rd place finishers, Albert Cho and Jimin Lee respectively for the ASD-S.

Team SJHS did a great job overall with a team average of 43% while the Province had a 23% success rate.

We are all proud of our Hounds!

Maureen Desmond photo/SJHS

SJHS Choirs Strike it 'Rich'!

by Trish Gallagher - Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Last week, the Saint John High School Choirs were undefeated in the NB Competitive Festival of Music. The concert choir, accompanied by grade 12 student Danny Han and directed by Trish Gallagher, performed 8 selections winning all Golds over RNS, KVHS and HVHS. The adjudicator continuously praised the choir for mastering and memorizing such challenging works with such "precision, artistry and musicality". The choir of 80 plus teens were "captivating" and "food for the soul". The SJHS Jazz, Madrigal, and Girls Select Choirs also won first place with Golds for their performances.

On Saturday evening, the Concert Choir accepted the honor of singing in the "Founders Night" final competition. Their performance of Healy Willan's, Hodie Christus Natus Est and Nyon, Nyon by Jake Runestad, won them the highest honor- The Glennie Award, $1000, for the Best Ensemble of the Festival. For the seventh year in a row, the choir won the Kiwanis Plaque ($300) for the highest ranking high school choir along with two other plaques ($400) for highest marks on a sacred piece and Canadian piece.

The Concert Choir and the Madrigal Choir have been selected to represent the festival at the provincials in June.

A great many students from Saint John High School performed in the 80th Annual New Brunswick Competitive Festival of Music. Performers include the SJHS String Ensemble directed by Ali Leonard, Conor Britt, Maria Mason, Kateryna Fylypchuk, Emily Johnston, Mary Louise Belyea, Brianna Savoie, Abby Gogan, Sophie Inkpen, Yeauen Kim, Dawoon Jung, Maya Comeau, Victoria Lincoln, and Grade 12 singer, Monet Comeau who won the title of "Intermediate Star of the Festival"!

SJHS Feminist Club's Feminine Hygiene Products Drive

by Marylise Habiyambere - Sunday, May 15, 2016

Throughout the month of April, Saint John High School’s Feminist Club organized a feminine hygiene products drive for the Coverdale Centre for Women. We were very pleased with the donations we received from the generous students at our school. Things like pads, tampons and soap were donated in great quantity. We hope that this drive helped bring attention to the lack of hygiene products being donated to the women in our community who need it the most. An additional intent of this event was to help reduce the stigma around periods and the products needed to aid during those times.

Maureen Desmond photo/SJHS

Choir Performs in Montreal!

by Trish Gallagher - Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Recently, 56 members of the SJHS Concert Choir travelled to Montreal to perform a concert at the beautiful Notre Dame Basilica. Accompaniments included Danny Han, grade 12, piano; Conor Britt, Grade 11, cello along with solos by Monet Comeau and Mary Louise Belyea. The choir attended a service at St Joseph's Oratory where they heard the Les Petits Chanteurs du Mont-Royal sing and enjoyed private choral workshops at McGill and Concordia Universities. A special thank you to the chaperones: Maureen Desmond, Dr. Suzanne Roberts, Kim Gogan, Denise and Geoff Britt, Shane and Suzy Furlong.

Stacey Wood photo/SJHS

SJHS Entrepreneurship Spring Market

by Stacey Wood - Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Last Friday Ms.Wood’s Entrepreneurship classes and Mr. Van Beek’s Business Management class from St.Mac’s ran their “Businesses for a Day”. The staff and students from SJHS spent lots of money on everything from nachos to candles. All of the businesses did very well, and a portion of their profits went to various charities of their choice. Great job everyone!!!!

Please enjoy our Photo Gallery.

Maureen Desmond photo/SJHS

Great Attendees!!

by Webstaff - Monday, May 9, 2016

The March Winners for SJHS's Attendance Matters Recognition Award are: Linhan Liu grade 9, Jillian Martin grade 10, Guangyi Zhu – grade 11 and Yiyun Xiao grade 12.

Attendance Matters is a new Anglophone School initiative and Saint John High would like to congratulate all those students with perfect/near perfect attendance for the month of March.

SJHS Water Polo Team Triumphs

by Webstaff - Monday, May 9, 2016

Six local high schools participated in the annual Water Polo tournament May 7-8 at the Canada Games Aquatic Center hosted by Water Polo NB. Saint John High went undefeated in the Round Robin and won the championship game versus Samuel de Champlain with a final score of 7-6. Schools represented at the event included KVHS (3-2), Simonds/HVHS (1-4), SJHS (5-0), RHS (0-4), and SdeC (3-2).

Each School began training in March with once a week practices run by Water Polo NB coaches. Katinka Postma, head coach of the Saint John Water Polo Club organized and hosted the event for the third year. Katinka was also the coach of Saint John High's team.

Emily Drake photo/SJHS

Atlantic Coast Conference Celebrating IB

by By Emily Drake - Wednesday, May 4, 2016

On the 15th of April, seven other students and I travelled to Bridgewater, Nova Scotia to be a part of the eighth annual ACC IB conference. While there, we received information about the different universities on the east coast and how being a part of IB can make your university experience better. We attended various workshops and seminars and listened to testimonies of previous IB students who told about how IB led them to successful careers. We also has the chance to communicate with other students in the IB program and to share our personal experiences.

One of the highlights of the trip for me was the university games that all students participated in on Friday night. Our skills were challenged uniquely as well as our ability to think and work as a team through fun games and challenges; I wish I could do it again. Overall, the conference was a really great experience and I learned a lot about the opportunities that IB opens up for its students and how IB is actually a really great program to be a part of.

Rebecca Wilson photo/Telegraph Journal

High school student beats poverty odds, heads to UNBSJ with $65,000 scholarship

by Rebecca Watson - Wednesday, May 4, 2016

This article is courtesy of Telegraph-Journal

Tyler Adams, a Saint John High Grade 12 student, says he’s determined to break the perpetual cycle of poverty – and he’s well on his way.

The 17-year-old, who was raised by a single mother, who had Adams when she was a teenager, and achieved a 97 per cent average this semester, has been awarded a scholarship worth $65,000 to attend the University of New Brunswick for four years.

“It felt amazing,” Adams said in an interview Tuesday.“I’m prideful, grateful and I definitely won’t be taking it for granted.”

The theme of the Richard J. Curry Undergraduate Scholarship is overcoming a barrier.

To apply for the scholarship, Adams had to submit his transcripts, two letters of recommendation and write an essay on personal hardships.

Having grown up in Crescent Valley, a low-income neighbourhood in Saint John, with two younger siblings and only one parent living on assistance, often times were tough financially, Adams said.

“Living where I live I’ve seen a lot of generations grow up in the same place in a cycle,” he said. “I’d like to show people it’s not where you come from,it’s what you do with your life and what you have in front of you.”

From sports to events to travel, it was hard for Adams to do all the same things that his friends were doing because of a shortage of money.

“But with help of my family and friends and everyone supporting me, I’ve been able to get by that,” he said. “I’ve been able to do what I’ve wanted to do with the help of everybody.”

Adams is a provincial track and field medallist and competes in cross country.

He is also in the military part time as a medic in training and attended a youth leadership camp in 2014 run by the Royal Canadian Legion.

All triumphs aside, last summer Adams went through the hardest thing he’s ever had to go through, and probably ever will, he said.

“My father committed suicide while I was at basic training in Gagetown,” he said, adding his mom had driven up to tell him in person.“When she told me, my heart sank. I got a feeling in my gut I’d never had before.”

The military told Adams that he could leave with full pay of 60 days or take three days and come back. Although that meant he would miss his dad’s funeral, Adams decided to stay.

“I went back not for myself but for my dad, to make him proud,”he said.“I wanted to show him in life when something happens you get up and get over it like he’s always taught me.”

He will be the first in his family to attend university and is planning to take kinesiology – the study of human movement – with an ultimate goal of going to med school, he said.

“It seems like a long shot to do that but that’s my goal,”he said.“I really just want to make my family proud by going to university and now that everything is lined up, I get to show their investments into me wasn’t for nothing,it meant something.”

Another goal Adams has is to remain a role model for his family, friends and anyone that lives in a low-income neighbourhood, he said.

“I’m the story that shows that it’s possible,”he said.“That anybody who is in a bad situation and wants to be better can do it if you want to do it.”

Shawn Goff photo/Telegraph Journal

Teens nab awards at Founders' Night concert

by Shawn Goff - Monday, May 2, 2016

This article is courtesy of Telegraph-Journal

SAINT JOHN • Two young musicians won festival star awards for their vocals and violin skills at Saturday’s Founders’ Night gala concert, but one of them didn’t think they would win at all.

Seventeen-year-old vocalist Monet Comeau won the Intermediate Festival Star award but she said she was shocked to receive it. “I was just like, really excited. But I just didn’t want to mess up,” Comeau said.“I thought one of the other people would win.”

The Saint John High School student has been singing in the New Brunswick Competitive Festival of Music since she was five. She now wants to be a professional Broadway performer. “Next year I’m going to Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts to pursue musical theatre,” Comeau said. “I’m really, really, really excited.”She says that when she is on stage singing, it feels“liberating.” “When I’m up there everything else goes away, it’s just about giving a performance.”

The Senior Festival Star award-winning violinist Sienna Cho started playing violin when she was nine. She said that when she plays, she doesn’t even remember what happened. “I just get so caught up in the moment that when I’m done I just forget about it,”she said.

Cho was a concertmaster in the New Brunswick Youth Orchestra and has played in Symphony New Brunswick. She just finished her first year at Mc-Gill University but never stops practicing. “I don’t have a lot of classes, so in my spare time I just practise,”she said.“I’m not good at anything else but violin.” While she enjoyed receiving the Senior Festival Star award, she’s “glad it’s over.” “It would be a lie to say it wasn’t stressful,” Cho said. “I’m just happy to have nothing now, until the provincials.”

First runners-up for the intermediate and senior star awards were pianist Jasmine Yu and flutist Naomi Ford. Another big winner at the event was the Hillsong choir from Forest Hills School. Jeremy Goguen, the choir’s instructor,said that most kids can perform at a competitive level,“it just takes time.”“I set a high standard for the kids in the classroom and that carries to the choir rehearsals,”Goguen said.“It’s just a matter of having high expectations and they will follow through on them.”

Goguen was previously a guitar teacher at Long and Mcquade. He went to Cambrian College, Mount Allison University and St. Thomas University before teaching at Forest Hills School.“I knew that I wanted to be a teacher for a long time,”Goguen said.“There happened to be a music position the year I was graduating. I applied for it and I got it.”

Meanwhile, the Sistema program’s symphony and string orchestra were both awarded Saturday. Aaron Mc-Farlane, centre director for Sistema Saint John, said that Founders’Night is about students seeing their hard work pay off. “That payoff is the opportunity to play for a big audience,” McFarlane said.The Sistema program is a free, daily after-school music program associated with the New Brunswick Youth Orchestra, where children learn to play an instrument and“achieve their full potential.”

McFarlane said that with the donations Sistema receives, the music that kids in the program play is about “giving back the gift of beautiful music to their community.” “It’s their way of people able to say thank you, and also to receive the recognition and the praise from having worked hard and done well,” McFarlane said. He also said that it’s not about the kids being the best, it’s about bettering themselves.

“In the Olympics you always have three clocks. Olympic record, world record and personal best. I always talk to the kids about ... you don’t need to focus on those first two,” McFarlane said. “You need to focus on your personal best every time. When you perform in public, you want it to be your very best that you can do.”

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