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CBC News photo/CBC.ca

Twin sisters tackle all-boys football team at Saint John High

by CBC News - Friday, September 26, 2014

Ashley and Allisha Murty are enjoying playing on the defensive line for the Greyhounds

The Saint John High School Greyhounds football team has two players who really stand out this season — two Grade 12 girls on the otherwise all-boys squad.

Ashley Murty says playing on the boys' football team at Saint John High School is fun. (CBC)

Identical twin sisters Ashley and Allisha Murty, who have played several sports over the years, say they always joked about playing football with the boys.

This year, they finally decided to give it a try and have gotten some game time, playing on the defensive line.

"It's really fun," says Ashley. "I mean, you can hit people and be congratulated for it. That's awesome."

Allisha says more girls should play.

"I encourage girls to you know, chase their dreams and take challenges and risks and don't be scared to do things. You have every right to be on a football team just like a boy."

Head coach Dave Grandy says he's only had one other girl on the team in the 14 years he's been the coach. "Back in 2002, I believe it was," he said.

Saint John High Greyhounds football player Allisha Murty encourages other girls to chase their dreams and take risks. (CBC)

"To me, once the jerseys go on … the grades don't mean anything, gender doesn't mean anything. It's the ability to play the game of football that matters to us."

Player Jerrad Fawcett agrees.

"They're football players, they’re just like everybody else," he said. "If they get hit, they get hit, and that's just how it goes."

Ashley, who hopes to go on to play in a more competitive league some day, says she likes being treated like one of the guys.

"You're always joking around, you can be like, 'Hey butt head, what's going on?' No one gets offended. You can call each other names, you can just go hit someone," she said.

Allisha says there's only one problem — "Like, I don't want to call them gross football players, but the bus does smell very … unique at times."

B Macmackin photo/SJHS

HOUNDS XC Team Wins BIG at SJ Meet 2014

by B MacMackin - Friday, September 26, 2014

Greyhounds Cross Country Team - JD Irving XC Meet – Saint John – September 25

The Greyhound Cross Country team showed their strength again at their second XC meet in Saint John this week. On the team side both Junior boys and girls won their event with each senior team placing second. 16 SJHS runners competed at the meet with Brady Graves winning the senior boys individual race and taking 6 top 3 finishes in the competition.

They were…(For full results at http://www.anb.ca/Results)

Senior Girls – Charly Bonga 2nd, Laura Bonga 3rd .......Junior Girls – Maggie Oliver 3rd
Senior Boys – Brady Graves 1st, Tyler Adams 2nd .......Junior Boys –Adam Lambert 2nd

Next up: October 4th –Fundy Invitational XC Meet – St. George

Allison Bent photo/SJHS

Greyhounds take on Blackcats

by webstaff - Thursday, September 25, 2014

This Friday the SJHS Greyhounds football team take on the FHS Blackcats for first place in their division. Our Greyhounds are 3 - 0 and the Blackcats are 2 - 1. The game is this Friday at UNBSJ with a 7 pm start. Looking forward to seeing all old and new Greyhounds out to cheer on our team. Lets show those Blackcats our SJHS spirit. GO HOUNDS GO


Fall Coffee House

by Student Representative Council - Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Come to the Fall Coffee House on Thursday, September 25th from 7-9 PM, and have a great time with your fellow hounds. It will be $2 with a mug and $3 without. Enjoy various refreshments and terrific local talent!

Julie White photo/SJHS

Science Class Prepares for Field Trip

by Julie White - Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mrs. White's Science 9 class grabbed their rope and metre sticks and headed out to the front lawn of SJHS to practice skills they will need for their field trip to the Irving Nature Park pond. They did a great job getting the data quickly as it was chilly! The students will graph the information and see the elevation of the front lawn.



by Todd Cormier - Friday, September 19, 2014

This article is courtesy of http://www.shad.ca/

“SHAD is Canada’s leading month-long, university hosted science, technology and innovation enrichment experience for grade 10, 11 and 12 students (15-18 years of age).” The program is from July 5 – 31, 2015.

For more information please visit www.shad.ca.

Application due dates are November 26 and December 11. 2014. Text Source

submitted photo


by B. Ogden - Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cheerleading is starting early this year. Practices on Sunday mornings and Wednesday after school. The students love the program. It develops well rounded individuals and improves their learning by being physically and mentally healthy and happy. If you have an interest in joining the team, please speak with the faculty advisor, Mr Barry Ogden.

Bill Macmackin photo/SJHS

Hounds Cross Country Team Runs Strong in St Andrews

by Bill Macmackin - Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sir James Dunn XC Meet – St Andrews – September 12

The Greyhound Cross Country team had a strong showing at the season’s first XC meet in St Andrews. 10 SJHS runners competed at the meet taking 8 top 6 finishes in the competition where junior and senior athletes competed together in the same races. Brady Graves started the season with a decisive win for the senior boys beating the second place by over 40 seconds leading his strong group who took 5 of the top 6 spots.

Congratulations to…
Girls - Maggie Oliver 4th, Charly Bonga 5th, Laura Bonga 6th and Lily Coffin 11th
Boys - Brady Graves 1st, Will Oliver 3rd, Dennis Emerson 4th, Ryan Evans 5th, Sean Furey 6th, Ryan White 8th.
Next up: September 25th –JD Irving Invitational XC Meet – Saint John

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