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Submitted photo/SJHS

Students Volunteer at Fog Lit Festival

by Sabrina Bungash - Friday, October 24, 2014

No one knew what to expect when our English teacher, Ms. Lutz, told us that we would be volunteering at the public library to help fourth grade students pick out books. We had been matched up with the students from Prince Charles Elementary as part of the Fog Lit Festival at the Free Public Library in Market Square.
I know that I’m not speaking only for myself when I say that there was an uneasiness walking into it. Not many 11th grade students are given a position of that kind. Once the day began it was quite a unique journey for all of my classmates as we worked with our individual child; each child brought his or her own unique style and challenges for us to work with. Slowly we began to break down their apprehension towards the day and, by doing so, developed a relationship with our child, and we both gained knowledge about the other.
We were put on the spot to develop skills to suit our child’s learning abilities, and to capture their ever-wavering attention which posed a challenge for us who have long forgotten what it’s like to be in that small body. Everything our child would say became another stepping stone to discovering that perfect book for them, and one more way to draw them into the world of reading, and as we continued to observe their nature we also began to take a look at our own. Many of us were amazed at the development of one from fourth grade to high school, as well as the difference between our experiences as fourth graders and that of the children’s.
This experience really allowed us to feel the struggles of a teacher—that responsibility of knowing that everything you say has an impact on their developing minds. We had to be confident enough to decide Anchorwhat books they should read, and what materials were not appropriate, while at the same time keeping them interested and involved, and working to spark their interest in the world of literature. It was like a double edged sword: on one hand you had to be fun and interest them so they could stay involved, yet on the other hand you had to be the adult and carry the responsibility of monitoring your words, the books, and your child.
The opportunity to encourage them to read and the ability to help them develop as a reader – despite the struggles – was an amazing thing to be part of. Not only were we able to walk down memory lane and revisit our childhood within the covers of Goosebumps, Tin –Tin, Nancy Drew, etcetera, we were also able to share our experiences and knowledge with children who could develop from that. I believe that all our thoughts on the outing can be summed up by the words of student, Emma Manning: “I really hope that what we did that day will help them seek out more stories.”

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Student Entrepreneurs

by Mr. Warr - Thursday, October 23, 2014

On Tuesday, October 28, students enrolled in Entrepreneurship 110 classes will be running a “Business for a Day” during morning classes. As a required outcome for this course, this ‘hands on’ activity allows students to generate a business idea, plan and prepare to run the mini venture, and finally operate the business for one day. Students follow-up this activity with an in-class presentation and a written report detailing their experiences. Tuesday’s event will operate as a Halloween market and will take place in the SJHS gymnasium. To make the day interesting, a Saint Malachy’s class of student entrepreneurs will also participate. We ask that all SJHS students and teachers bring some extra dollars to school on Tuesday and support the student run businesses. Parents are also welcome to attend. On Wednesday, after debriefing on Tuesday’s market experience, student entrepreneurs will once again have the opportunity to run their business. This will take place over the lunch hour throughout the halls of SJHS. 50% of all profits earned by student businesses will be given to CHAT to the Future -specifically post-secondary savings for Ugandan orphan (Kate Namulindwa or Halima Nakanwagi). A big thank you is extended to Mr. VanBeek and Michele Lodge of Enterprise Saint John for their leadership and involvement in this initiative.

Ms Savoie photo/SJHS

Overnight trip at Huntsman Marine Science Centre

by Ms. Savoie - Monday, October 20, 2014

A great deal of work and fun was had on the annual Advanced Biology 121 overnight trip at Huntsman Marine Science Centre. We spent a lovely Friday ( Oct 17) afternoon profiling the intertidal zone of Brandy Cove on the Passamaquoddy Bay. Students spent over two hours determining species present in quadrants and determining elevation of the shore. We painted periwinkles with lovely shades of nail polish to determine population density. Friday night was spent gathering all the data and making graphs, till 11pm! Louis M left us to go help the football team beat Harrison Trimble High School, so he missed all that Friday night fun. Saturday was spent in the lab performing experiments on Sea Stars and Sea Urchins, along with a lecture on Sea Lice!

B Macmackin photo/sjhs

Graves wins gold for SJHS Cross Country at NBIAA Provincial Championships

by B Macmackin - Sunday, October 19, 2014

Moncton – October 17, 2014

The SJHS Greyhounds faced off against tough competition in wet rainy weather at the NBIAA cross country running championships Moncton.

Brady Graves ran a strong race to win the gold in Sr. Boys in a time of 16.33.9 for 5km, leading his team to a second place finish behind FHS. Brady had the toughest race of his season facing a challenge from Daniel Johnston of Ecole L’Odyssee. In the end Brady won by a 5 second margin going undefeated for the entire season. He was followed by team mates Tyler Adams and Felipe Lamprea 5th and 6th who ran outstandingly, then veteran runner Dallas Casey running his best race of the season to place 11th and Alex Niles who rounded out the team in 38th.

In the junior boy’s race, our team leader for the entire season, Adam Lambert raced to a strong 7th place finish and led his team to a very close second place finish behind Ecole Aux Quatre Vents. He was followed closely by Dennis Emerson in 12th then Ryan Evans, Will Roderick, and Sean Furey completed the scorers placing 28th, 36th and 38th. Padie Currie and Colin Niles rounded out the squad as our 6th and 7th runners. The team ran very strongly in what was their best race of the season and this group of young runner’s shows great potential for future years.

The Senior Girls SJHS team had a challenging day facing off against hosts Bernice McNaughton who in the end went on to become the 2014 Provincial Champions. The Hounds were led by veterans Charly Bonga in 10th, Laura Bonga in 12th and then closely followed by rookie Kathleen O’Keefe in 15th. Victoria Leblanc in 23rd was our 4th runners and unfortunately Emilee Hoellwarth had to drop our due to injury.

This marks the end of the cross country season for the SJHS Greyhounds but with only 2 graduating runners bodes well for next year’s team.

Full results are available on www.anb.ca

Submitted photo/SJHS

Provincial Champs Girls Softball!

by James McNiven - Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Saint John High School Girls Softball team won their 2nd straight provincial championship on Saturday, Oct. 11th, beating Nepesiquit High School from Bathurst 15-1. Not only did the girls win a 2nd straight banner for SJHS, but also completed an undefeated season as well. Going back to last year, the provincial championship win was their 31 straight victory!! The team was lead on the mound by ace pitchers, Kaitlyn James and Taylor James, two of the provinces very best fastball pitchers. Other members of the championship team were captain Rachel Kierstead, all-star catcher Abby MacGowan , 2nd baseman Caroline Delaney, 1st baseman Ariel Arthurs, outfielders Emily Atwell, Tyanna Tyler, Julia Kaine, Sara Galbraith, Quinn Garvin, Roxane Fruytier. Thank you to the coaching staff of Jeff James, Gracelyn Kaine and Mr. McNiven.

Emma Manning photo/SJHS

SJHS Haunted House

by Emma Manning - Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Saint John High School (plaza entrance) One night a year, a curse falls on Saint John High School. This Halloween, tour the haunted halls of the historic school and encounter bone-chilling sights of hair-raising terror. Enter into a world of fear, escape if you can. Tickets sold only at the door: Students: $3 Adults: $5 Ghoul School (for children): $2 Call 506-658-5358 or visit sjhigh.ca Not wheelchair accessible.

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SJHS Yearbooks Are Now On Sale!!

by Robert Scott - Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Your Saint John High yearbooks are now on sale! They are available for purchase in the library for 50$ and 55$ personalized! Listen to the announcements, as we will be selling them outside the cafeteria throughout the year!

B Macmackin

NBIAA Regional Cross Country Senior Girls, Junior Boys & Senior Boys Teams Advance to Provincial Championships

by B Macmackin - Sunday, October 12, 2014

Next up - Provincial NBIAA XC Championships – Moncton – October 17

18 members of the SJHS Cross Country team competed in Hampton this weekend at the NBIAA regional qualifier. Greyhound runners continued to show their strength with one individual win and three team wins. In the end, all the SJHS athletes/teams advanced to the provincial champs this coming Friday October 17 in Moncton.

  • Top finishers were…
  • Senior Boys - Brady Graves 1st Place
  • Junior Boys - Adam Lambert 2nd Place
  • Senior Girls - Charly Bonga 7th place

This meet was excellent preparation for the NBIAA champs where the teams will face very tough competition from the best teams of the southwest and north east regions. The Hound XC team has had an outstanding season so congratulations to all of them. Good luck at Provincials!

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