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Final try-outs for baseball team August 27 & 28

by Tony Gogan - Friday, August 22, 2014

We have booked two more dates for baseball team try-outs. August 27 & 28 at the Forest Hills midget field from 6:30 PM to 8:00. We have some new talent that has come out to the field this year, and expect 2014 to be a great year for Greyhounds baseball. For more information, or if you cannot attend contact Tony Gogan at tgogan@rogers.com.

Maureen Desmond photo/SJHS

SJHS Baseball Try-Outs

by Tony Gogan - Monday, August 18, 2014

The first try-out for the Saint John High School Baseball Team will be held at 6:30PM until 8PM on Thursday Aug 21st at the Forest Hills Midget Field. All Saint John High students are welcome to attend. If you cannot attend, please contact Tony Gogan at tgogan@rogers.com

Michael Stringer photo/Telegraph-Journal

Next chapter in life begins for young athlete

by RON BARRY - Wednesday, August 13, 2014

This article is courtesy of Telegraph Journal

University High school standout taking her field hockey stick and speedskates to St. Mary’s University

SAINT JOHN Julia Loparco never met her grandfather.

Before Walter Ellis passed away on April 28, 1995, he built things, like the Saint John Track Club; he was part of something new, like resurrecting high school rugby in Saint John; he polished things, like track athletes and rugby players; and he volunteered his time, like coaching and officiating on national and international stages.

To know the man is to know that he did not seek the hall of fame accolades that would come his way. To the gentleman from Widnes, England, it was all part of serving a community he came to call his home.

His daughter, Sue, followed his footsteps into the sports world, primarily in speedskating, track and field and volleyball. Now, it’s Julia’s turn, and the granddaughter is living the life of a time-honoured proverb: the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. To wit:

In sports, she was named 2014 athlete of the year at Saint John High School, where she was also the most valuable player in field hockey and volleyball; she has won national age-class silver and bronze medals in long-track speedskating, and was a member of Team New Brunswick at the 2011 Canada Winter Games; and she curls, is involved in track and field, and has competed in badminton and archery.

As a volunteer, she was president of SJHS’s 2014 grad class, its Teens Against Drinking and Driving and the Key Club; coaches track and field and speedskating; and given her time to worthwhile causes such as the Teddy Bear Fair, Rally of Hope, Run for the Cure and Beyond the Hurt’s anti-bullying campaign.

Her humanitarian pursuits are just as impressive – she received the Peace Medal, a youth service award through the YMCA; she’s been part of Free the Children, an international charity and educational partner where youths are encouraged and empowered to become active citizens, both locally and globally; and has been recognized in the provincial legislature for her commitment to global youth.

There are so many more entries on her dossier, but the aforementioned highlights paint a beautiful picture for parents Paul and Sue, grandmother Judy Ellis and paternal grandparents Frank and Rosa Loparco. And, while she never did meet Walter Ellis, she feels a kindred connection to him, nonetheless.

“I was born April 28, 1996 – one year to the day he passed away,”she said.“My birthday is both a happy time and a sad time.I never got to meet him,but I heard he was a great man. Yes, I think there is a connection – I think so.”

The 18-year-old doesn’t intend to slow down as she embarks on her next chapter – life as a college freshman. She’s headed to St. Mary’s University in Halifax and will play field hockey for the Huskies, who have amassed a 25-2-2 won-lost-tied record and captured three consecutive Maritime championships under head coach Sharon Rajamaran. Loparco got a taste of what’s in front of her during the March break earlier this year.

“I went to Halifax and practised with the team,” she said.“I didn’t know what to expect.It was high-paced,right off the bat.It was different than the New Brunswick high school game. Everything was fast, but the coach saw some potential and wants me on the team”

Loparco will also be training for the 2015 Canada Winter Games, slated for Feb. 15 to March 1 at Prince George, B.C. She competed for New Brunswick when Halifax hosted the 2011 Canada Winter Games, but since she’ll be heavily involved in her studies, field hockey and speedskating training this fall,it will be easier to manage her time by staying close to school. That means suiting up with Team Nova Scotia for the winter sports festival. She doesn’t anticipate a backlash from her peers back home.

“It would be difficult travelling back and forth for camps with all the other stuff going on”said Loparco.“I’m excited to work with some of their coaches. Everybody within the Maritime speed-skating community is pretty close – we know each other and we’re all rooting for each other, so it won’t matter that we’re competing against each other. It’ll be fine.”

If Loparco had to pick a sport of preference, it would be field hockey.

“I’ve played so many sports … I’ve been speedskating for close to 16 years, but I fell in love with field hockey from the beginning,”she said.“I like the camaraderie that a team builds – it’s like a family. When I practised with St. Mary’s, I felt the same thing. It’s my sport … I really like it.”

On the academic side of her pendulum, Loparco will be enrolled in the bachelor of arts program, intent on majoring in international development studies. Her interest in this noble pursuit manifested itself through her Free the Children experience in 2013 when she helped build a school in the Maasai Mara region of southwest Kenya.


“It changed my life,”said Loparco.“I’ve always wanted to travel and do volunteer work … I love volunteering. Going abroad and helping children and communities changed my perspective on life. Studying developing countries around the world is the perfect thing for me to do in university. Hopefully, I can work in non-governmental organizations some day and do that for a living It’s what I want to do.”

And, if she changes the world for the better along the way, well, sweet.

“Yes, I hope so,” she said. “I hope to change some people’s lives.”

Maureen Desmond photo/SJHS

Grads Celebrate the prom!!! Gallery 4of 5

by Webstaff - Sunday, August 10, 2014

Time to get back to the Prom!!!

The Prom is always a special event for the graduates. We would like to thank the Grad Class supervisors and the Grad Class Committee for organizing a wonderful event.

If you would like to order a photo, please email Ms. Desmond with the Gallery and photo number.

Lauren Hogan photo/SJHS

Hounds enter their 44th Year of football

by Dave Grandy - Friday, August 8, 2014

The Hounds football team is gearing up for another season. On Tuesday August 12th, practices will begin at 5pm on the Millidgeville field #1. We welcome all students who are interested in playing football to attend. Players should bring cleats, shorts and water to each practice. It is recommended that players get there 15 min before practice begins.

Week 1

Aug. 12 Tuesday 5-7:30pm

Aug. 13 Wednesday 5-7:30pm

Aug 14 Thursday 5-7:30pm

Silas Cheeseman photo/SJHS

Graduation 2014!!! Gallery 9 of 8

by Webstaff - Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Oops!!! Apologies to a certain group of grads whose photos were not posted on the website. This last posting includes those students!!

Congratulations Grads.

Silas Cheeseman photo/SJHS

Graduation 2014!!! Gallery 8 of 8

by Webstaff - Tuesday, July 29, 2014

After the grad ceremony, graduates and families were invited to the gymnasium for a reception.

This is the last gallery of the 2014 Saint John High School graduation. Congratulations to ALL of the graduates, and best wishes as you move on to other endeavors.

If you would like a full size image of any of the images, please email Ms. Desmond with both the gallery name and file number.

Silas Cheeseman photo/SJHS

Graduation 2014!!! Gallery 7 of 8

by Webstaff - Friday, July 25, 2014

Congratulations to all of the graduates!!! This is the second to the last of the Graduation photos.
If you would like a large print size copy of one of the images, please email, Ms. Desmond at maureen.desmond@nbed.nb.ca. Please include the name of the file when requesting the image.

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