"Most ambitious musical in recent memory" opens

by Paul Saulnier - Thursday, April 3, 2003

"Saint John High School is mounting what might well be their most ambitious musical in recent memory", says the Saint John Weekend. It's Les Misérables. It's everywhere. And according to everyone who has seen it, this Victor Hugo classic is nothing short of excellent.

The Saint John Weekend goes on to say that "The cast of this year's production is a Who's Who of the singing elite at the high school and in the city." Although "Les Misérables could be beyond most high school students.", this is just "one of those great years where we have a lot of talent [on the stage]," as we are told by Cian Horrobin who is Valjean in the play.

We've prepared a photo gallery of over 100 photos for all of those interested in following this year's production. These photos come from the dress rehearsal, and all of the hard work of many individuals, too many to name, is self-evident. Special thanks to all those who have played a part in making this year's musical a reality and a great success!

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