Class of 1979 - 25 Year Reunion

by Les Graham - Sunday, July 25, 2004

We're still recovering from the fun this year. (Yes, when you're this old it takes a long time to recover!) While the number of grads participating this year, 42 in total, was lower than the 20 year reunion, we still managed to squeeze in a lot of fun. Friday night's boat cruise was a big hit and a great way to start off the weekend. The three hours spent touring the St. John river actually provided the opportunity to pass by a number of familiar landmarks. After returning to shore we made our way to Melvin's (a local watering hole) and contiued the conversations.

Saturday was wet, but that didn't dampen our enthusiasm and we were able to stay nice and dry inside the lovely RKYC club house. The sun actually made an appearance just in time to set. Other than the conversations, we had a bit of entertainment as we watched a couple of 8mm video projects that were done as part of a Communications class during our grade 12 year and have subsequently been converted over to VHS.

Finally, despite less than perfect weather conditions on Sunday, a small crew made an appearance at New River beach to give their families a chance to join in the fun.

1979reunion1.jpg - Jul 23, 2004

1979reunion2.jpg - Jul 23, 2004

1979reunion3.jpg - Jul 23, 2004

1979reunion4.jpg - Jul 23, 2004

1979reunion5.jpg - Jul 23, 2004

1979reunion6.jpg - Jul 23, 2004

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1979reunion8.jpg - Jul 23, 2004

1979reunion9.jpg - Jul 24, 2004