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by Mr. Paul Holder - Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Saint John High School (1805 to 2005)

Written by Richard and Sandra Thorne with Research and technical editors Clarissa Mak, Craig Estabrooks, David Cullinan, and Mona'a Malik.

This 250 page book chronicles the development of Saint John High School from its inception as the Saint John Grammar School on Horsfield Street, the creation of a Girls High School and the union of the two schools in 1897 with its new location on Union Street and ultimately the construction of our current location. The book also focuses on the various student activities that make school life memorable.

Anticipated delivery is December 4, 2004. The book will sell for $40.00 and orders are now being accepted. Send an email to to either reserve a copy or prepay. Send your name, number of copies you wish to purchase and how we can contact you for payment.