Remembering Ortona tour of Italy, November 2008

by Ms Maryanne Lewell - Thursday, October 11, 2007

Over the past few years, Canadians have been asked by the veterans of D-Day, the Battle of Hong Kong, and the families of soldiers at Vimy Ridge and currently in Afghanistan to show that the youth of Canada DO remember and DO care. Students and their families - here at school and across Canada - have answered that call.

We have now been asked by Canada's WWII veterans of the Italian Campaign to bring national awareness to what is often called the "Forgotten Campaign" - the Battle of Ortona. To that end, the Saint John High School Social Studies Department is excited to announce our school's participation in the "Remembering Ortona: 65th Anniversary Tour" in November 2008 to Ortona, Italy!!!

"Remembering Ortona" will give interested students the historic opportunity to join veterans of the Italian Campaign (along with Canadian dignitaries) at the 65th anniversary ceremony of remembrance in Ortona. Interested students should see Ms. Lewell in room 316 to pick up an information sheet and application form. Information on the tour can also be found at the national website.

ortona_logo.jpg - Taken by web image

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