Daryl Wilson photo/SJHS alumni

Class of '67 reunion

by President Bob Brittain & Bob Perry - Friday, January 11, 2008

40 years after .. Who would come? Would I know anyone? Would any of my old teachers remember me? Such were the questions that the class of '67 tried to answer by holding their August reunion.

A core of old grads, headed by Bob Brittain and ably assisted by Linda Lawton, Jane Macdonald (Stewart), Kathy Wilson, Sally Breen, Norma Young, Daryl Wilson and Bob Perry organized a weekend of "connecting again". The focus of our committee was to provide a relaxed and informal gathering for the graduates of '67 and spark or rebuild old friendships.

First the former classmates met Principal Dennis Knibb at a Friday night wine and cheese at the "new cafeteria" of Saint John High. On hand were former teachers Janet Whitehead, George Little, Peter Fleming, Colin Blackwood and Ruth Morrell. How good it was to see some of our teachers; we very much appreciated seeing them. Mr. Knibb showed that he still had the ability to captivate his audience as he recounted memories of the class that had a few individuals squirming and all laughing and applauding. As the wine disappeared friendships rekindled and the din of conversation could be heard throughout the building where tours were given. The evening finished with a surprisingly excellent picture that folks will have for years to come.

Saturday was a spectacular day on the Belleisle Bay at Camp Pascobac. There we swam, talked, refreshed ourselves and toured the Bay, thanks to Bill Oliver's boat. After an outdoor supper, a campfire closed the evening and fantastic voices appeared from everywhere. As Judy Steen (Willis) put it .."I was skeptical about the reunion but Saturday was just magical". A few hardy souls slept over at the camp and assembled for Sunday cleanup despite droopy eyelids and hoarse voices. The reunion was deemed an overwhelming success with about 60 SJHS alumnae in attendance.

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