Maureen Desmond photo/SJHS

Rebel Without a Cause

by Michael Brewer - Thursday, November 6, 2003

Despite having only a tight one month and a half to take the play from script to actual production, "Rebel Without a Cause" proved to be a thoroughly entertaining production, and was thoroughly enjoyed by all attending.

Many who went to see the play agree that the acting is some of the best this school has seen. The cast did the best that could be possibly done with it, creating a superb drama. "The acting was really fantastic, especially the performances of the leads", says attendee Alex Wright, who went to see the play twice. The play lead, Andrew Ringeri, delivered an unexpectedly emotional performance each night, and his intensity moved the audience to audible gasps during climactic moments. The cast was extremely enthusiastic throughout the lengthy and numerous practices and rehearsals that occurred before the production itself, and remained so during the performances.

"Rebel was a blast!" says Martin Davidson, who played the character 'Moose'. "Hanging out backstage was fun." Much of the fun of putting on such a production is had backstage, where new friendships are formed and memories are made. Hopefully, the audience will also have a few memories of this quality production in times to come.

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