Much Ado about a terrific performance by SJHS Drama

by Mike Brewer - Saturday, December 11, 2004

On the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of December, the Shakespearian play "Much Ado About Nothing" was staged in our very own Dennis K. Knibb auditorium. This play may not be as well-known as Shakespeare, but Ms. Hooton the initial director of the play, said "it is one of my favorite Shakespeares [due to its comedic and dramatic qualities]." These qualities were excellently displayed, under the reigns of the new director Ms. Blok (a well-known former teacher at the school who has directed many of the SJHS musicals of the last two decades) and a stellar cast.

The audience was intrigued by the superb acting, even if the complexities of Shakespearean language were an obstacle to many. "The acting was great and it was an excellent play", says student Stella Chan, "but it got confusing at times." When asked if this was the fault of the actors or Shakespeare, she said "Shakespeare, he writes in codes which sometimes make it hard to understand."

The quality of the show and the set were astounding, which in the opinion of cast member Andrew Reid is "the best set I've ever seen constructed for a school play", which means a lot as Mr. Reid is obviously an expert on such matters.

However, a terrific time was had by the audience and especially the cast. At least a few people, such as English teacher Ms. Sutton, understood some of the more complex sections of the play. So on Friday night when the English teachers were in the audience the auditorium was filled more often with laughter. There were still some memorable moments for even those incapable of deciphering the "codes" of Shakespearian language: everyone who went got to see many men in tights!

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