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He lives like a king ... and when the man dances â€" certainly boys â€" what else, the piper pays him.

by Marijke Blok - Thursday, April 17, 2008

SJHS put on The Music Man from April 10-12, and the 100+ cast filled the auditorium rafters with such popular numbers as "Trouble" and "76 Trombones."

SRC president Owen McCausland played the title role and despite a throat condition which reduced this music man's volume, he carried the day with his lively action and mannerisms, and his convincing salesmanship. His leading lady Kirsten LeBlanc, added just the right notes, with her librarian primness, her Iowa stubbornness, and her gorgeous soprano voice. The quartet, too, (Sebastian Fleet, Cameron Evans, Daniel Britt, and Graeme Mackay) won the hearts of our audiences with their pure harmonies and comic mugging.

Great characterizations in roles such as the Mayor and Mrs. Shinn, Mrs. Paroo and Winthrop, Gracie and Zaneeta Shinn, and the Eulalie and Pick-a-Little choruses added to the comic impact of the piece, and Charlie Cowell gave us a villain we could really love to hate. The not-so-sweet little Amaryllis and the constable-with-a-heart Locke were also characters with whom the audience could identify. And who could forget the charming bad boy turned good, Tommy Djilas? With such an interesting, colourful cast, SJHS was bound to rack up a theatrical success.

Lively dance numbers were choreographed by the young but talented Tori Gillan and Emilie Sullivan. The stellar orchestra gave a wonderful boost to our musical numbers, and the dancers wowed us with their slick movements.

From the opening Salesmen to the closing 76 Trombones number, the River City citizens gave their Iowa Stubborn all, and had a wonderful time in the process. Each night the cast of The Music Man was treated to standing ovations by our audiences, and we were very grateful for all your generous compliments.

A musical on this scale is only partly reliant on its cast members for its strength. Countless hours are devoted by the light and sound crews, the painting crew, the make-up crew and ushers, and last but definitely not least, our tireless costume ladies who gave freely of their time, energy and patience. On behalf of the cast and crews of The Music Man, I thank you all for your support, and especially the parents and teachers who put up with many disruptions to enable our show to go on.*

Marijke Blok

• Thanks also to Ms. D. and her Photography and Media crews for capturing us for posterity. (Tanner Cheeseman, Kayla Brinston, Kate Day, Brandon D'Souza, Conor Maguire, Sarah Messer, David Milley, Josh Pye, Hilary Smith, Kayleigh Thompson)

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