Lara Shaw photo/SJHS

2009 SRC bonding day at Camp Glenburn

by Lara Shaw - Monday, September 1, 2008

Last Thursday, Saint John High School's new SRC climbed into their cars at 6:30am and set out for Camp Glenburn in hopes to create a more tight-knit group to lead SJHS through what is bound to be an exciting school year.

Throughout the day the Executive and the Committee Heads were directed by Glenburn staff through games and challenges that demanded teamwork and trust between everyone. Each individual was challenged to work in a team and become more trusting with the people they were with, whether on the ropes course or in the team building activities, each person was tested in their comfortablity with other 'team' members.

Around 4:00pm everyone packed back into their cars, exhausted and happy. Overall, this was a great day of fun and co-operation within the members of this year's SRC. They are starting off on the right track for success in order to make this one of the best years you will spend at Saint John High!

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