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Tribute to Saint John High

by Carol Bloor - Sunday, September 14, 2008

Saint John High School has made a lasting impression on my life and values. Attending from 1973 to 1975, I was treated to the golden era of Dennis Knibb, Andrew Garrod and Bob Edwards. Academic excellence was pursued enthusiastically by a majority of the student population - it was possible to try hard and still be accepted socially.

One reason was that the staff made everything so interesting. Andrew Garrod is most remembered for his drama productions, but he also made Shakespeare come alive by showing students how to discover its intricacies in English class. Dennis Knibb provided the structure and discipline that focussed the entire school. In his address to our graduation class, Mr. Knibb described the role of the family in defining the routine for daily life, the structure which lays the foundation for success. A generation later, we see the benefit of these experiences and values.

My three sons have attended a school with many similarities to SJHS, a private school here in Calgary called Rundle College. Cory, approaching 21, is entering his final year of electrical engineering at Queen's University. He has a scientific and philosopher's mind, an interest in business and a passion for computers. Alex, 18, begins engineering at Queen's this fall, and leads the ultimately balanced life. Chris, 16, is entering grade 10 and would like to become a veterinarian some day. Right now he is an enthusiastic worker at the Calgary Stampede. They all played in the school bands, and for a while we owned 6 trombones.

My career with Talisman Energy has spanned 20 years and I now specialize in business development. Talisman produces oil and gas around the world, but many of the best opportunities to expand are now in North America, with tight sandstone and shales now being drilled for natural gas. I watch with interest the Irving refinery expansion and Liquified Natural Gas projects in Saint John - these are tremendous achievements.

How wonderful to receive a personal thank you note from Dennis Knibb, for a modest donation to the Alumni Fund. I'll keep this in our family album. The photo (see gallery) is of my brother (Edward) and I. Edward Short is also an alumnus of Saint John High, having graduated in 1977.

2007_new_brunswick038.jpg - Left to right, Edward, myself, my mother Ethel McLeod, my niece Eska, step-sister Ashley Morrison, stepmother Cheryl MacKinnon, borther Charles Stewart Short (Eska's father) - Taken by Carol Bloor - Jul 26, 2007