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How many students does it take to make a sea star turn over?

by Devin O'Brien - Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This past weekend, the Higher Level IB Advanced Biology students headed to the Huntsman Marine Science Centre for the annual Marine Ecology Field Trip. We began our trip with a few hours on the shore studying studying intertidal zonation patterns, painting periwinkles - bright pink really stands out the best - and counting barnacles among other tasks. Some went diving in the mud, and others had to be helped across the beach du to injury but we made it through it. After that we spent a long night slaving away at incident graphs and kite diagrams, we were stocked up on chips, candy and popcorn! Some finished rather early while others were up until the wee hours of the morning.

The following morning, we headed back down to the lab to test the weight lifting skills of sea urchins and sea stars, only to find out after twenty trials it becomes a bit frustrating when your sea star get tired and won't flip over, or in Jon's case on the first trial. After the planning lab we headed down to the shore in our rain gear to recapture our periwinkles.

It was a great time, but by the sleepy students on the ride home you could tell we were worn out. Many thanks to the Huntsman Education Director, Tracey Dean and Ms. Garland.

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