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SJHS games set a new tradition

by Soo Min Park - Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Until the year of 2008, Saint John High School's "Rookie Assembly" held the tradition that only a few grade 9 students participated with their siblings. This year, a brand new tradition for the assembly was created: SJHS Games.

Sign-up sheets were posted in front of the SRC room on the first floor; a number of students volunteered to participate. The students were not the only ones who took part. Some of the teachers took a role in this assembly.

SJHS Games had variety of events including dizzy izzy, pillow fight, tsumo wrestling, whip cream clue scavenger hunt, and so on. The biggest hit of the day was definitely the tsumo wrestling. The players wore a mattress shield in the attempts of knocking each other down. All grades and teachers competed against each other; the winner of the first half of the split assembly was the grade 10's while the grade 12's won the second half.

The winners got to choose one team and fed them popcorn with their feet as a winning prize. The very first SJHS Games paved the way to a brand new tradition of Saint John High School's united spirit as all the grades and teachers cheered with their own passion.

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