Lara Shaw photo/SJHS

Still Shaking?

by Rob Alexander - Sunday, October 26, 2008

The SRC is proud to announce the overwhelming success of this year's Haunted House which was held on the evening of October 24. The event raised over $1000, more than twice the profit of the previous year. Proceeds will be donated to the IWK.

The success of the event came from of a month of hard work and dedication from a group of more than 50 students with Nicole Johnston and Aleks Godlewski leading the way! Plagued by various obstacles and challenges on an almost daily basis leading up to the big night, the pair overcame what would have been too much for most to handle and delivered an exceptional evening for all! Everyone agrees that the night was full of, shocking, frighting, nail biting terror but most importantly, fun!

A huge thank you goes to all who helped out and of course to those who came out to support the school! By the time the nightmares go away it will be time for Haunted House '09!

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