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Come and play GUITAR!

by Ms. Trish Gallagher - Sunday, October 26, 2008

GUITAR CLUB Wednesdays after school, Rm 105

For the past ten years, the guitar club has become a weekly event in Rm 105. Students come together to socialize and learn to play the guitar or improve upon the skills they already have. The club is traditionally led and taught by grade twelve students. This year's teachers include IB Music student Keigan Buckley and Grade 12 student Alex MacKinnon. If you have interest in the guitar, come down to the music room on Wednesdays. We have lots of guitars on hand, thanks to our Alumni.

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_mg_0403.jpg - Taken by Ms. Maureen Desmond - Dec 8, 2007

guitar1.jpg - Taken by Nick LeBlanc - Oct 1, 2008

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