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Bubbles? IB? What??

by Lara Shaw - Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Who says science can't be fun? On Thursday October 23rd, Ms. Garland's IB Advanced 121 Biology class not only played with bubbles like a bunch of six year olds, but we also learned while doing it. The "lab" was to test the "Survivorship of Bubbles"- bubbles representing a particular species. No matter how hard we tried, it was impossible to keep these bubbles in the air. Every technique under the sun was used. From blowing at the bubbles while falling over ourselves to stirring up the air with crazy hand movements described as "wing flapping" to chasing the bubbles around the class.

All of this was done under the close supervision of Ms. Garland - who I'm sure thought we were all crazy for enjoying a lab this much (I think she enjoyed it just as much as we did though.. shhh!!) Just look at the pictures and video of our class, taken by our special guest Rob Alexander, of: Erin Stephen, Cheyenne Schielke, Sabra Gardner, Justine Jarvis, Jon Salmon, Devin O'Brien, Sarah McLaughlin, Laura Simonds, Lara Shaw, Brittany Dixon, Josh Mackin, Rosalinda Kan, and Sarah Wiseman.

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