Maureen Desmond photo/SJHS

Yearbook write-ups can be submitted on-line

by SJHS Webstaff - Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Attention 2009 Graduates! It's time to start your write-ups for the 2009 yearbook! The write-ups will be due on Friday, November 21st.

You can submit (and edit) your write-up by accessing the Student Tracker on the SJHS web page. You will need your NBED student login ID and password to input your write-up. The write-ups can be no longer than 450 characters (which includes spaces and punctuation), so make sure what you write is memorable and appropriate for school. A full list of rules and guidelines is available when you login.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask your yearbook staff. If you have difficulty remembering your NBED login and password, please see Mr. Holder. You may also click the link "I do not have an NBED username" to try and login using your school ID number.

Good luck, Grads!