Hilari MacLeod photo/SJHS

A Successful October Event Week!

by Soo Min Park - Tuesday, October 28, 2008

After getting back to school after Thanksgiving, October event week was held between the 14th and 17th. The week included a fun event each day during lunch hour: Ghost Stories on Tuesday, Ms. October Fest on Wednesday, Sausage Fest on Thursday, and Rootbeer Float on Friday. Also, the "wall to wall launch" dance was held on Friday introducing DJ Chris Wall to the school. Each event went smoothly as evident by the number of people who participated. Ms. October Fest - hosted by Jeremy Rasch - was especially well attended. It had the largest audience that completely filled the gym.

Ghost stories started with Sarah Burpee finishing the story that she had told in the assembly, the dark mini theatre was filled with scary tones and sweet smell of s'mores. Sausage Fest and Rootbeer Float were definitely popular among the hungry students, resulting in huge success.

Everybody is ready and excited for the next fantastic event week.

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