Saint John High's Annual Food Drive

by Rob Alexander - Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Well it's that time of year again! The season of giving is upon us and the Christmas spirit is in the air. For many of us it is a time of family fun, warm homes, and lots of delicious Christmas food! But there are many in our city who see Christmas as the time of year when heating cost twice as much as usual, presents are a unaffordable, toiletries are a luxury and there's not always enough money for food.

In the spirit of giving, SJHS is holding its annual food drive from now until November 19th. On November 20th at 7pm in King's Square, the Teen Resource Center has organized a food sculpting contest between the four high schools in the city and at the end of the night a panel of distinguished judges, including MP Rodney Weston and Mayor Ivan Court, will decide the winner. The food will then be given to a food bank of the school's choice. Ours is the South End Food Basket.

Every year around this time, money becomes tight and not everyone is able to afford the joys of the holiday season. Instead money is spent on heat, food, and if there's anything left toiletries. By donating to the food drive you help to relieve these families and give them an opportunity to enjoy the holidays and the months that follow. The Food Basket is the distribution center for all the food banks in the greater Saint John area and beyond. The handful of dedicated volunteers that operate the center are seniors and other then food, greatly appreciate any time you can spare to help unload and package food.