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SJHS Wows French Symposium and Competition

by Ms Martha Garey - Saturday, December 6, 2008

Friday, November 28th was a special day for the students in Ms. Garey's pre-IB grade 10 French class. They got to set aside their pens and paper, and venture to Samuel-de-Champlain school for the day. The class was chosen to participate in a French leadership symposium and contest sponsored by the Canadian Parents for French and Heritage Canada.

Their task? To come up with ideas to promote the French language and culture in their school or community.

In the weeks leading up to the symposium, these SJHS students formed groups of 10. In total, the class submitted three project proposals for the promotion of the French language and culture- the largest participation of any of the high schools! The students came up with some great ideas, making excellent presentations to the panel of judges and members of the audience. The students each took turns describing their projects in French enhanced by Power-point presentations, a video, a website, and even a radio show!

When the presentations had finished, the students were treated to a special lunch in the cafeteria followed by some group activities. Prizes were announced, and SJHS walked away with a handsome sum to be used in their class. Their afternoon wrapped up with a special performance by the Acadian band 'La Virée'. A day well spent!

Thanks to Kaitlyn Wetmore, Elise Sanderson, Christian Mackin, Arthur Szymanski, and Martha Garey for the photos.

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