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Audiences blessed with the "Sound of Music".

by Ms. M. Hutchinson - Saturday, December 13, 2008

A very dedicated group of talented students and staff are still busy getting back to a "regular" schedule after just six weeks of rehearsal and four evening performances (December 3-6) of The Sound of Music.

This timeless musical is well-loved by many and is easily one of "my favorite things" of all. It is difficult to compete with a show that is so well known but with performances from such a strong and stunning couple as Maria (Nicole Johnston) and Captain Von Trapp (Rob Alexander) alongside their talented supporting cast, the popular movie version was no match. The incredible talents of the Von Trapp family (Sarah Wiseman as Leisl, Ben Marmen as Friederich, Sydney Logan as Louisa, Job Burns as Kurt, Kelsey Goodick as Brigitta, Emma Costain as Marta and Elise Sanderson as Gretl), all proud current Greyhounds, had the audience believing they were indeed children from ages 16-5 respectively, regardless of their heights!

Who can forget the witty banter between Max (Rob Maguire) and Elsa (Sarah Robertson) in two difficult songs that are not featured in the movie version? Way to go! "Sixteen Going on Seventeen", was easily an audience favorite because of Leisl (Sarah Wisemen) and Rolf's (Daniel Britt) sweet innocence with their vocals and dancing. Well done! Between Mother Abess (Sandi Hicks) and her personal chorus of Mistresses, Sisters and Postulants (Soo Min Park, Lara Shaw, Emily Blaney, Lauren Stephenson, Stephanie Rae, Meghan Manning, Niki Shaw and Emily Gaunce) and the Morning Hymn (nun and priest chorus) led by the unmatched vocals of Graeme MacKay, the musical talent at SJHS was certainly well represented and Ms. Gallagher's tremendous ability to showcase such talent both on stage and with a fabulous orchestra was well displayed.

A strong chorus always adds a special touch to any musical. From our wonderfully choreographed ballroom couples (Thank you Emilie Sullivan and Tori Gillan!), to our party guests, festival audience, and Nazi soldiers (Alex Godlewski as Herr Zeller was exceptionally terrifying alongside Patrick Creamer as Admiral Von Schreiber.) we were able to show off even more spectacular vocals, costumes (Thank you Mrs. Johnston and her wonderful crew of backstage moms.) and acting talents. No great estate, however, runs without a fabulous house staff. Matt Beckett (Franz) and Katie Evans (Frau Schraeder) certainly helped keep the dialogue moving and the Von Trapp house in order along with their own staff Chris Sleep (Hans), Ruth Cox (Ursula) and Rosalinda Kan (Hilda).

A great show does not happen without enormous talent and dedication. I send a very special thanks to all SJHS staff, friends and students who contributed to this year's show.

It has been an absolute pleasure. May your hearts forever be blessed with the "Sound of Music".


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