The Eye Spy a Hidden Talent Event

by SJHS Web Staff - Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Register the hidden talents that you spot on the Eye Spy a Hidden Talent website beginning Monday morning, Feb. 9th. You have 5 days to register as many different hidden talents as possible for as many people as you can.

Look for hidden talents in your friends, students, co-workers, family and community members. Each time a student or staff member logs-in with a new submission the school gets credit for it. At the end of the event the coveted EYE SPY trophy will be awarded to the elementary, middle and high school with the highest participation. Who will win this year???

In addition, everyone that enters is eligible for a prize - the student prize package will include 4 tickets to a Saint John Sea Dogs hockey game! When the event ends at 5:00 pm on Friday 13th, the tabulations will begin. The School Celebrate Champion will receive all the entries from their school electronically to share with the school!

Don't forget to wear your Eye Spy tattoo on TaTu Tuesday, February 10th! As this is Kindness Week how better to celebrate it then by sending someone a Talentine celebrating the talent you see in them!

Enter the Eye Spy a Hidden Talent website by clicking on our Eye Spy Guy at Everyone has talents. Can you spot the hidden talents of the people around you?

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