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Fran Hughes, Dennis Knibb, and Fran McHugh honoured

by Mr. Barry Ogden & Alex Barry - Monday, February 16, 2009

Saint John High School recently honoured former coach and teacher, Fran Hughes, former Principal and director of the alumni, Dennis Knibb, and former teacher and coach at Saint Malachy's, Fran McHugh. Forty years ago, these gentlemen played key roles in the development of high school football in our community and school.

Football involves many students and is thus a great inclusive sport. Mr. Hughes, Mr. Knibb, and Mr. McHugh, believed and understood the importance of a well rounded student. Many former teachers, students, players, and coaches were on hand for this well received honour.

True to form, the student body was dignified and gave the three a standing ovation. These men have had a very positive effect on our community by getting young people involved and recognizing the goodness in all individuals. It's not just about marks or skills, it's about the development of character.

They have passed us the torch, so it is up to us to carry the fine traditions of creating pride and opportunites for all of our children.

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