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Robotics team competes in Fredericton

by Mr. Andrew Colwell - Saturday, February 21, 2009

SJHS Robotics Team headed to Fredericton recently for a weekend of fun, friendship and a wacky assortment of gears, motors, and junk.

Excitement ran high when the course and the task was revealed on Friday night. They had 12 hours to build a working robot that could navigate through sand, trees, water and hedges. They needed to pick up a ball from a fenced in area, and deliver it to a golf cup only 3" in diameter. Dreams of interesting ideas and thoughts ran through the night, and on Saturday, a 12 hour marathon of design and building took place. Could it be done? Could they even make a robot that would move, or pick up a ball?

As Saturday came to a close, HoundBot came to life! The engineering students were very impressed with the design and the build of HoundBot. Testing it on the course showed that the students were very successful. On Sunday, the team placed 7 in the qualifying rounds, showing up three other university teams, who promptly went back to make modifications to their own designs. The team also met two former SJHS graduates that were organizers for the competition.

Mr. Colwell offers his congratulations to the team for an excellent competition, and making the weekend so much fun.

houndbot.jpg - Taken by Andrew Colwell - Feb 14, 2009

houndbot2.jpg - Taken by Andrew Colwell - Feb 15, 2009

houndbot3.jpg - Taken by Andrew Colwell - Feb 14, 2009

houndbot4.jpg - Taken by Andrew Colwell - Feb 14, 2009

houndbot5.jpg - Taken by Andrew Colwell - Feb 14, 2009

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