NB government rebate programs

by Guidance Department - Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Under the New Brunswick Tuition Rebate, anyone, from anywhere in the world, who on or after January 1, 2005, pays tuition, graduates from an eligible post-secondary institution, lives and works in New Brunswick and pays New Brunswick personal income tax, will be eligible for a non-taxable rebate of 50% of their tuition costs with a maximum lifetime rebate of $10,000.

The rebate can be claimed once personal income tax returns are filed for the previous taxation year, and a Notice of Assessment is received from the Canada Revenue Agency.

The tuition rebate may be claimed any time up to 20 years from the first year that credit is earned, and the maximum rebate that may be claimed in any given year is $2,000. Unused balances may be carried forward and claimed against future New Brunswick personal income tax, until the lifetime maximum of $10,000 is reached.

Also, all New Brunswick students enrolled for the first time at a university and who are attending a provincially funded New Brunswick university are eligible for a one-time benefit of $2,000.

Students must be enrolled in an undergraduate degree-granting program at the University of New Brunswick, St. Thomas University, Mount Allison University, and Université de Moncton (all campuses).