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Pi Day, how irrational!

by Sjhigh Webstaff - Wednesday, March 18, 2009

International Pi day has once again, come and gone. Just as Saint Patrick's Day is a National holiday in Ireland, Pi day is celebrated by millions of Math geeks around the world on March 14th. If you are not sure why this day was chosen, then you are not a Math geek.

Students in Mrs. Teed's and Mr. Holder's math classes celebrated the occasion in style. Students brought in many treats as offerings to the math Gods. There were cakes, pi-es, cookies, pi-cupcakes, and the now famous pi-pretzels.

For those who can't wait to honour Pi until next year at this time, international Pi-approximation day is on July 22nd (22/7).

Check out more information on Pi-day.

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