Confused about which path.....try Business Education!

by Mr. Jeff Warr - Monday, March 23, 2009

The Introduction to Business 110 Course is the foundation course in a business studies program. This course introduces grades 10 and 11 students to each of the major areas of business. It will build a solid foundation for students who wish to pursue business studies in greater depth or who wish to develop the knowledge and skills they need in the area of business in their everyday lives.

Mr. Warr says, "It's an amazing course to teach, to have the opportunity to turn young minds on to business". Please see Mr. Warr if you have any questions about the Introduction to Business course, or any other Business Course offerings at SJHS which include: Introduction to Accounting 120, Entrepreneurship 110, Economics 120

intro_to_business_pic.jpg - Taken by Mr. Warr

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