2009 course selection " consider IB?

by Ms Tracy Lutz - Thursday, March 26, 2009

The International Baccalaureate is recognized throughout the world as a very comprehensive and challenging high school curriculum. The programme is designed for the student who values excellence and is willing to persevere in meeting the challenges it demands. The IB is an international university entrance programme which is completed in the final two years of high school. Since 1987, Saint John High School graduates of the IB programme have gone on to university where they have performed exceptionally well. We know from their experience that IB is responsible in large measure for their success. These students have, in the words of IB, "learned how to learn."

Prior to course selection, there will be two IB informational meetings: one for interested grade 9 students and their parents/guardians and one for currently-enrolled IB grade 10 students and their parents/guardians. The one for grade 9 will be held Tuesday, 31 March at 7:00. No invitation is necessary; any student interested in the programme is welcome to come. Grade 10 students who are currently enrolled in partial or full IB and have questions about what happens next, are welcome to come to an informational meeting Thursday, 2 April at 7:00.

Attendance at these meetings is not necessary to enroll or continue in the programme; they are opportunities for information only. Anyone with questions regarding the meetings or IB in general should contact the IB coordinator, Ms. Lutz, at the school.

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