Stacey Wood photo/SJHS

Say Yes to the Dress a Huge Success!!!!

by Ms Stacey Wood - Wednesday, May 6, 2009

On Sunday, April 26th, graduates shopped at the "SJHS Boutique" looking for the perfect prom or white dress (some found both). The shoppers were greeted by cheerful and helpful boutique staff who helped them pick out a dress that was meant just for them.

The atmosphere was full of excitement, and the shoppers were treated to snacks and refreshments. This event will definitely be a new tradition at Saint John High School. A special thank you to all the students, teachers and ladies who made this day so fun!

If you are still looking for a dress, we have some left. Contact Ms Ayer, or Ms Wood if you are interested.

dress1.jpg - Apr 25, 2009

dress2.jpg - Apr 25, 2009

dress3.jpg - Apr 25, 2009

dress4.jpg - Apr 25, 2009

dress5.jpg - Apr 25, 2009

dress6.jpg - Apr 25, 2009

dress7.jpg - Apr 25, 2009

dress8.jpg - Apr 26, 2009

dress9.jpg - Apr 26, 2009