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SJHS Splits Games during Rugby Tour 2009

by Mr. Warr - Friday, May 8, 2009

The SJHS Boys Rugby team recently concluded their third consecutive tour, this year to Rockland, Ontario (about 30 minutes east of Ottawa). Participants in this year's exchange were members of the newly formed junior team at SJHS. On the pitch, the Greyhounds picked up an impressive 17-12 victory over Ashbury College, a private IB school that boasts a very powerful and successful rugby program. Scoring for the Hounds were Mathieu Doucet, Sean Craig and Matt Walford. SJHS's player of the match recognition went to Nathan Dickens.

The Hounds second and final match of tour was against the host school, Rockland Wildcats. Although coming up short, SJHS improved since the match between them two weeks prior. Final score was Rockland 22, SJHS 7. The Hounds are the first team to score a try against the Wildcats this season. Matt Walford scored the lone try for the Hounds and Sean Craig earned Man of the Match honors.

The Exchange with Rockland included much more than the games of rugby. The Greyhounds were welcomed to Rockland during a Rockland school Pep Rally that included presentations between our two schools by team captains. Matt Walford did a fantastic job on the microphone! The highlight of the Exchange was a day adventure zip lining in Lafleche Adventure Park, in Quebec. Other activities included visits to Parliament Hill, the Aviation Museum and St. Laurent Shopping Centre. Players from SJHS were given the opportunity to spend plenty of spare time with their billets from Rockland, and lasting friendships were made. That's what rugby is all about!

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