Encounters with Canada

by Mrs. Mary Morrison - Sunday, May 10, 2009

Saint John High has been granted six positions for Encounters with Canada. The province will subsidize the entry fee in the amount of $175.00.

Encounters With Canada (EWC) is a youth program operated by the Canadian Unity Council in cooperation with numerous Canadian government departments. EWC was founded in 1982.

The Program:
Taking place throughout most of each year, participants from secondary schools throughout Canada travel to Ottawa, Ontario (Canada's capital city) and live in the Terry Fox Canadian Youth Centre.

Students are given a choice of the following sub-themed weeks:

A different theme each week

-Science and Technology
-Canada Remembers
-Journalism and Communications
-Social Sciences
-Business and Entrepreneurship
-Arts and Culture
-Sports and Fitness
-International Affairs
-Royal Canadian Mounted Police
-Medicine and Health
-Politics in Canada

Despite these variations, the main theme of the program is unifying Canadians and cultures within Canada and discussing Canada's identity.

In addition to activities related to their week's theme, participants tour and visit Canadian political institutions such as the Parliament of Canada (including the Canadian House of Commons the Senate of Canada) and the Supreme Court of Canada. Some weeks include visits to cultural institutions such as the National Gallery of Canada and the Museum of Civilization.

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