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SJHS student tops in financial fitness

by Staff reporter - Tuesday, May 12, 2009

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Saint John High School student Rosalinda Kan is the New Brunswick scholarship winner in the Canadian Securities Administrator's Financial Fitness Challenge.

Kan, 18, is a Grade 12 student in the international baccalaureate program.

"What I liked best about the financial fitness challenge was just learning about the importance of saving money," said Kan, who says she's always liked to save anyway.

Canadians aged 15 to 21 were invited in February to take part in the interactive, online challenge that teaches young people about the importance of saving and investing for their future.

In New Brunswick, 673 students successfully completed the challenge and registered to win.

The win means that Kan, who is saving for a university education in pharmaceuticals or medicine, can add another $750 to the pot.

Results of a survey done after students took the challenge showed that while only 30 per cent of participants were very interested in personal finance before completing the online challenge, that number rose to 62 per cent afterward.

The survey also showed more than 90 per cent of participants indicated that after taking the challenge they know more about how to budget, save and invest, and 95 per cent indicated they have a heightened awareness of how to be financially healthy.

"A key part of our education strategy is to develop and encourage financial proficiency for New Brunswickers, with a particular emphasis on the needs of the young people in our province," said Donne Smith, chair and CEO of the New Brunswick Securities Commission.

"We are pleased to present this scholarship to Rosalinda. We are heartened to witness the level of interest of young people in our province who are increasing their knowledge about money management and investments by participating in challenges such as this."

New Brunswickers are encouraged to visit the New Brunswick Securities Commission website for access to additional educational tools and resources.

rkan1.jpg - Rosalinda Kan won a financial fitness challenge and picked up a $750 scholarship. - Taken by Cindy Wilson

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