Tracey Evans photo/SJHS

Rugby fans given a treat

by Mr. Jeff Warr - Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our Greyhounds rugby team overcame a 14 point deficit in the first half to defeat the Leo Hayes High School Lions 18-14 in a hard fought provincial quater-final match.

In what turned out to be a thriller, and led by grade 12 veteran players Beckett, Tilley, Perez, Barry, Flood and Morgan, the Hounds got the desired outcome - a berth in next week's provincial semifinals. In a seeding match this Friday at 5:30PM in Millidgeville, our Greyhounds will meet the St. Malachy's Saints.

rns1.jpg - Taken by Tracey Evans

rns2.jpg - "Rugby teaches union, teamwork, determination and heart" - Taken by Tracey Evans

rns6.jpg - Taken by Tracey Evans