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Hospitality and Tourism 110: Walking Tours with David Goss

by Martina Shannon - Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On a cold, rainy day in March, Ms. Shannon's hospitality and tourism classes embarked on a six week adventure led by David Goss. Mr. Goss guided the classes through the streets of Uptown Saint John providing not only a historical background for students but also sharing some tricks of the trade as well. Mr. Goss had students so enthralled with tales of bank robbers, sea monsters and local folk lore that Saint Johners out on a stroll of their own would often join in on our walks. Our adventures included Prince William St, Queen Square, King Square, Loyalist Plaza, Trinity Church and finally wrapped up in the Ludlow Room at City Hall, where students were met by Mayor Ivan Court and Mr. Al Rouse. Ms. Shannon's classes gained valuable resources, a friend and more importantly had a great time! Thank you, Mr. Goss!

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