B Ogden photo/SJHS

The Marigolds Project: Guinness World Record Video

by B Ogden - Monday, December 2, 2013

There is a 40 minute video from the Marigold Project Guinness World Record (June, 2013). It was for the largest number of participants planting flowers[marigold] at the same time anywhere in the world .The World Record record is now 5,677 participants [with volunteers included it totaled 9,000 citizens.] The Marigold Project is going into its 17th year(www.marigolds.ca) with over 3 million marigolds planted by tens of thousands of our children.The 54 schools each filmed for one hour but Guinness World Records had to have the 54 hours compressed into 40 minutes. Its a great inspiration and full of hope. The video, children and Marigolds really tells our story and promotes our community.

Click for Video: Youtube Video from Guiness World Records