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CPR makes you undead!!

by Thomas Keaveney - Monday, December 9, 2013

The local Heart and Stroke foundation approached Mr. Keaveney's HPE 120 leadership class with an ambitious proposal. The foundation wanted to teach hands on CPR to the entire grade 9 class at SJHS! To pull this off would be a monumental task indeed. The leadership students first had to be trained in CPR themselves so that they could lead the sessions with the grade 9's. Once the class felt they were ready to be instructors themselves the next task was for the class to figure out a way to get every grade 9 to practice hands on CPR in one class period. Our principal, Celinda Van Horne, thought the concept worth a try and gave the class permission to reach out to the C block grade 9 teachers to see if they would support the idea. They did agree to help us with our task.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation theme for this CPR course centers on the popular Zombie theme, so we decided the ideal date to teach the grade 9 CPR was Halloween. The foundation provided the class with a YouTube link "CPR makes you undead" (Google it and check it out pretty cool) to set the tone for the session. In addition to this they provided 50 inflatable mannequins for the students to practice on.

On the big day it was decided to bring the grade 9's on the fourth floor to the auditorium at the beginning of C block to watch the YouTube video, an instructional video and to meet an actual Para Medic. After the auditorium session the students were hustled off to the gym where members of Mr. Keaveney's Leadership class were ready to work with the students. The Leadership kids gave instructions on how to practice CPR on the mannequins.

The procedure was repeated with the remaining grade 9 classes. All in all over 220 grade 9 students were trained on the life saving CPR. Kudos to the Leadership class for reaching so many students in such a short period of time. Check out the pictures even batman chipped in.

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