by Lindsay Alchorn - Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What makes a Monday wonderful? Pencils? Tests? Beeping alarms? I don't think so. Try frosting. Delicious, creamy, sugary frosting, swirled on compact, handheld, individually-prepared, sumptuous cakes. Yes, cakes. You know what's even better than delectable homemade treats? Helping orphaned animals. Yup, puppies, kittens; sometimes even bunnies and guinea pigs. So where should you be on Monday, February 24th at lunch to take part in this amazing culinary and philanthropic opportunity? THE MARBLE STAIRS. What should you bring? A LOONIE. Or, if you bring a TOONIE, that's a confection for each hand and clearly a superior plan. Meow for Now, Ms Alchorn


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