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SJHS Swim Team(s) Tryouts and Start-up 2014

by Coach Sullivan SJHS Room 422 - Friday, August 29, 2014

Defending 2013-14 Sr Boys & Sr Girls NBIAA Champs: The team consists of 75-90 athletes on the Junior Girls (Grade 9-10), Junior Boys, Senior Girls (Grade 11-12) and Senior Boys Teams.

FIRST PRACTICES: Beginning Tuesday September 2nd following the regular practice schedule.

REGULAR PRACTICE SCHEDULE: Monday -to- Friday (1) 7:15-8:00am (2) 3:45-4:30pm (SJHS Pool)

SWIMMING SEASON: September 2 -to- December 13

TRYOUTS: New Athletes Can Join Until October 15th. Swimmers can "tryout" at any scheduled practice in the "newbie" lane. Athletes are needed at all grade levels. Athletes are free to join and train even if they don't wish to compete. OFFICIAL TRYOUT WEEK is SEPTEMBER 8-12th. Pick a day and practice time that best fits your schedule. Bring a swim suit and towel. (Goggles if you own them).

FAQs: (1) Athletes are asked to attend any 3 practices per week (out of the 10 available) (2) Coaches: C Sullivan & P Macmackin (3) Lockers are available...use your own lock (4) Swimmers of all skill levels are welcome (5) Fees for equipment replacement, swim cap, and meet entries = $40 (6) Athletes from many activities are swim team members: cross country, track, soccer, football, hockey, basketball, choir, volleyball, badminton, cheerleaders, rowing, field hockey, softball, curling, rugby etc (7) All training takes place in the SJHS Pool

CAPTAINS: Seniors - Allie Ruigrok & Sam Irvine; Juniors - Janelle Holt & Davis Sullivan

TEAM PRESENCE on the INTERWEB: Click for Swim Team Website & Team Facebook Page

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