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Twin sisters tackle all-boys football team at Saint John High

by CBC News - Friday, September 26, 2014

Ashley and Allisha Murty are enjoying playing on the defensive line for the Greyhounds

The Saint John High School Greyhounds football team has two players who really stand out this season - two Grade 12 girls on the otherwise all-boys squad.

Ashley Murty says playing on the boys' football team at Saint John High School is fun. (CBC)

Identical twin sisters Ashley and Allisha Murty, who have played several sports over the years, say they always joked about playing football with the boys.

This year, they finally decided to give it a try and have gotten some game time, playing on the defensive line.

"It's really fun," says Ashley. "I mean, you can hit people and be congratulated for it. That's awesome."

Allisha says more girls should play.

"I encourage girls to you know, chase their dreams and take challenges and risks and don't be scared to do things. You have every right to be on a football team just like a boy."

Head coach Dave Grandy says he's only had one other girl on the team in the 14 years he's been the coach. "Back in 2002, I believe it was," he said.

Saint John High Greyhounds football player Allisha Murty encourages other girls to chase their dreams and take risks. (CBC)

"To me, once the jerseys go on … the grades don't mean anything, gender doesn't mean anything. It's the ability to play the game of football that matters to us."

Player Jerrad Fawcett agrees.

"They're football players, they're just like everybody else," he said. "If they get hit, they get hit, and that's just how it goes."

Ashley, who hopes to go on to play in a more competitive league some day, says she likes being treated like one of the guys.

"You're always joking around, you can be like, 'Hey butt head, what's going on?' No one gets offended. You can call each other names, you can just go hit someone," she said.

Allisha says there's only one problem - "Like, I don't want to call them gross football players, but the bus does smell very … unique at times."