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Student Entrepreneurs

by Mr. Warr - Thursday, October 23, 2014

On Tuesday, October 28, students enrolled in Entrepreneurship 110 classes will be running a "Business for a Day" during morning classes. As a required outcome for this course, this 'hands on' activity allows students to generate a business idea, plan and prepare to run the mini venture, and finally operate the business for one day. Students follow-up this activity with an in-class presentation and a written report detailing their experiences. Tuesday's event will operate as a Halloween market and will take place in the SJHS gymnasium. To make the day interesting, a Saint Malachy's class of student entrepreneurs will also participate. We ask that all SJHS students and teachers bring some extra dollars to school on Tuesday and support the student run businesses. Parents are also welcome to attend. On Wednesday, after debriefing on Tuesday's market experience, student entrepreneurs will once again have the opportunity to run their business. This will take place over the lunch hour throughout the halls of SJHS. 50% of all profits earned by student businesses will be given to CHAT to the Future -specifically post-secondary savings for Ugandan orphan (Kate Namulindwa or Halima Nakanwagi). A big thank you is extended to Mr. VanBeek and Michele Lodge of Enterprise Saint John for their leadership and involvement in this initiative.

halloween_market.jpg - Taken by Mr. Warr

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