Maureen Desmond photo/SJHS

Haunted House A Horrifically Good Time

by Ben Peterson - Monday, November 3, 2014

Once again, the halls of Saint John High School were filled with spooks of all sorts, as the school put on its eighth-annual Haunted House. This year was an outstanding success, thanks to the engagement seen in the student body and the community, alike.

Haunted House has always been a staple of the first semester at Saint John High School. This year, two hundred students came together to put on this student-run event - each and every one of them giving up hours of their time.

Our hard work and dedication paid off.

The event's attendance was nothing short of incredible, surpassing even the most optimistic of predictions.

This would have hardly been possible without all those Greyhounds who promoted the event to their friends, their families, and to their peers - especially not without the members of the promotions committee, who worked tirelessly to ensure posters were up and that radio announcements were made.

On behalf of the SRC, I want to thank all involved - without your passion and engagement such a fundraiser would never have been possible. Rest easy, knowing that we've helped our community care for itself this holiday season.

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