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Peter Fox Memorial Bursary

by Angie Cameron on behalf of Job Burns - Saturday, March 7, 2015

As many of you have heard, a former greyhound, Peter Fox, has passed away after a strong battle with cancer. This tragic event has resonated with the grad class of 2011 and we hope that you can find solace in the memories we shared with Peter and hope to continue his memory for years to come. Members of the 2011 alumni have already begun to make donations toward a bursary in Peter's name which we hope to be awarded to a member of the SJHS football team who is pursuing higher education with the University of New Brunswick in Saint John, and who plans to be a member of the UNBSJ Seawolves. Those who wish to contribute to this bursary can do so by visiting . This bursary has nearly tripled it's goal and we hope that it can continue to grow and support a memorial bursary for years to come. I am humbled by the strength and integrity that our grad class has held through this difficult time in Peter's life, which was truly a life worthwhile. I hope that together we commemorate a young gentleman who was kind, selfless, and even in his final days remained private to protect the emotions of his friends and loved ones. Vita Vitalis, Job Burns 2010-2011 SJHS Student Representative Council Vice President

peter_fox.jpg - Taken by Angie Cameron on behalf of Job Burns

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