Hair Raising Experience

by Angie Cameron - Sunday, March 15, 2015

Before March break the SRC raised money for a student's family that was burned out in February. Students collected money and one of our teachers, Mr. Ogden, offered his hair as a reward for the students' efforts. We'd like to thank Mr. Ogden for his sacrifice, especially at this chilly time of year. We'd also like to thank The Academy of Hair Design for providing their services. We appreciate the contributions students made. We are all part of a larger family here at Saint John High School. Vita Vitalis!

20150226_124506.jpg - Taken by SRC - Feb 26, 2015

20150226_124830.jpg - Taken by SRC - Feb 26, 2015

20150226_125338.jpg - Taken by SRC - Feb 26, 2015