Judith MacMillan photo/SJHS

"The Write Stuff", Right for the Students!!

by Judith MacMillan - Wednesday, May 13, 2015

On Wednesday, April 29, twenty-nine students from SJHS went to the Saint John Arts Centre to partake in The Write Stuff workshop, an opportunity to participate in three different writing workshops during the course of the day (over 100 students attended from Anglophone South District). Each workshop is facilitated by a professional writer of the highest caliber, and students get to work on various specific writing skills. Students enjoy the experience of being off campus for the day and the fact that they can participate in sessions designed specifically for them, under the direction of some of the best in the business that New Brunswick has to offer. This mix has made for a day that has been immensely beneficial to hundreds of students in ASDS over its past four years. No student has ever given negative feedback about the content of the workshop experience - in fact, all reviews have been glowing. Students have reviewed the experience in praise ranging from "I found my creative juices again," through "Brainsplosion!" and, "This experience was informative, but above all - interactive and fun."

As well, The Write Stuff Literary Arts Magazine, edition four, was released and some of the students whose work was selected for the magazine are featured in the photo. The cover art was designed by Amy Dai. This magazine is available for purchase from either Ms Lutz or Ms MacMillan for ten dollars.

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