Maureen Desmond photo/SJHS

Graduate selected for "Page" program in Ottawa

by Ben Peterson and Ms. Desmond - Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ben Peterson, our school's SRC President and 2015 graduate, was recently selected for the House of Common's Page Programme. This is a highly competitive and prestigious opportunity.

Only 40 students, from all applicants from coast to coast are selected to be Pages. They sign on for a 1-year contract with the House of Commons administration. Pages are required to be bilingual and undergo a second language assessment before they are hired. They are also required to have a thorough knowledge of House procedures and must know, eventually, all 338 MPs by name and face.

Pages are non-partisan representatives of the house and are prided on their professionalism and subtly. They are paid a salary and are required to work in conjunction with university classes. Pages perform a wide variety of tasks, including getting water and making copies to presenting to youth from around the country about parliamentary procedure.

Ben will be attending Carleton University next fall. Congratulations Ben!!

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