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by Cathy Connolly - Wednesday, November 25, 2015

At Saint John High, we are proud to look out for one another and what better way to show our support than through a donation to the Food 4 Thought program. Food 4 Thought makes available, on a daily basis, light breakfast / lunch snacks for any Grey Hound. Donations will be accepted in any classroom where you see a bin between Monday Nov. 23rd and Friday Nov. 27th and during PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES on NOV. 25th and NOV. 27th. Let's fill the bins to their rims! Students are asked to bring the following items by grade level:

GRADE 9 fruit cups, applesauce, pudding cups

GRADE 10 jam, honey, "wow" butter, cheez whiz, cheese & cracker packages

GRADE 11 single servings of: Chef Boyardee, Campbell's Chunky soups, Noodle Bowls

GRADE 12 cereal bars, granola bars, dry cereal, fruit chews or fruit leather

The challenge is on…what Grade level will bring in the most donations???

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